Julie Ann Northamptonshire Doula

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Just DOULA It!

Any questions about your birth planning and whether I am the Doula for you. I probably am!

From me, you will get:

  • The science & nature around being pregnant and birthing
  • Hypnobirthing
  • Mindful breastfeeding readiness courses
  • Baby wearing (slings!) help
  • Positive and attachment parenting basics
  • Support in making sense (or not!) of the helpful and unhelpful comments of others surrounding your pregnancy and beyond
  • A continuous friendly face and knowledgable friend to be by your side during your labour and birth

I am the best Doula for supporting you in your own pride and confidence in the choices that you make.

I am a safe space for LGBT people and anyone part of marginalised or vulnerable groups in our society!

This 30-minute call is all free of charge and acts as an interview for both of us.

Duration: 30 minutes

Birth Planning & Confidence Coaching

Perhaps it’s a money thing, or perhaps you are comfortable with your birth team the way it is without me present. Either way, if you still feel that you need a good coaching session with me to offload any stresses or concerns you have during your pregnancy and birth planning period; I can be here for you and I can do further investigating for you and customise resources recommendations for you after our call.
We can meet in person for these sessions - in a nice park or your favourite cafe, or even in your own home with your birth partner and other family members present.  These sessions can happen over the phone or video calling if you prefer.
Either book a 30-minute free call to see how these sessions can be purchased on a pay-as-you-go basis and how they will best serve you, or go ahead and select the full 2-hour block ranging from £85.00-£100.00 depending on location. 

An invoice will be sent to your shortly after booking your slot here, please talk to me if there are any difficulties in paying.

Duration: 2 hours

Birthy Media

Logo and branding for your #Birthwork, #VirtualAssistant projects and Social Media starter packs to get you going. Chat about what you want to happen… I do that!

Duration: 30 minutes

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